Monday, 4 August 2014

Keep at 'em

I keep watching the stats on requests to my rss feed. Google seems
to like me, which is encouraging, and so do some other bots/trackers.

I see the occasional nasty connection trying to break stuff, and
enjoy myself watching some of the attacks. I assume they are attacks
but there may be a reason for some of them. Eg a Japanese person
may be trying out a Unicode request, based on some indirect link
from google, for example.

It did break a record today, and if this keeps up, I can start
figuring out how to really handle high load. At the moment,
the load is low, and even although the feed is written for speed of
development, and not optimal cpu usage - its a great exercise for
some future optimisations to really decide how to sustain higher

I ought to give it a real name, since the P and Q pages are not
really indicative of what the service is.

Definitely an interesting experiment.

BTW I have used 250MB of mobile bandwidth in 3-4 months (to my phone).
I cannot believe how low my bandwidth is, now that all adverts and
other HTML window dressing is removed from the equation.

Who needs 4G? This works at 9600 baud really well :-)

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