Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Intel NUC

My NUC decided to die tonight. After only a few weeks. Luckily, google
helped me find the problem.

It had lost its mind/marbles. It couldnt find the root hard drive.

After fiddling in the BIOS, I found that resetting the defaults fixed
the problem.

It is 2014. Issues with BIOS date back to around about 1990 or so - that
was when one bothered to go into the BIOS and configure pointless items.
Since then, stuff works. Thanks Intel. That really is poor software
development - a 24x7 machine suddenly needing a screen to reset the BIOS

Yes, I need to update the BIOS, but go search for BIOS updates for NUC,
and be startingly confused by how many versions there are and advice
not to use the latest one.

Why is the software industry going backwards? Its not just Intel. But
every major software manufacturer is adding functionality and usability
by actively removing it.

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