Friday, 9 May 2014 site

Just trying to generate more traffic from my news site, designed
to minimize download bandwidth on mobile.

In 2 months, I have downloaded a total of *32MB* of traffic to my mobile.
The experiment, first started whilst Ovivomobile was alive, was
to avoid the pain/delay of quick web browsing. The goal was 2MB/day,
but my diet has done so much better. I have mentioned my site
on the blogs before, but with the recent switch away from
dyndns, my traffic dropped to zero. Not even googlebot knows of my
existence. Which is strange, because I didnt understand why it
was searching me in the first place. (Probably because of my
links on this blog).

So I am putting in a proper clickable link to see what happens

Feel free to use, or ignore. I certainly saw some external traffic.

As I sit here waiting for Windows 8.1 to install - about 4d so far
to get this installed. By my reckoning, in the future, OS updates will
happen faster than the installer can install them. And then the
earth will such suck us into the aether.

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