Thursday, 8 May 2014

CRiSP FTP Site Change

Alas, dyndns have finally removed my DNS name. A sad day, but they had
been changing things over the years, and now its time to pack my bags
and leave home.

I have modified the site to map to

So that downloads/updates are restored and I will now remove the
banner from the site (

One of the unfortunate things about being one of the first people in the
UK to have home internet access via Demon, who got sold/taken over by
Thus, and now I think Vodafone), is how poor value for money that is,
and being stuck with it. At the time - the price was brilliant - there
was no competition and it was truly affordable. The price has never
changed in 20+y - which is cool, but I dont use their internet service.
I only use the email address - which is valuable to ensure customer
continuity. Because of that, and the overprice for the email address,
I darent shop around like most companies do (and few are as old
as Foxtrot systems).

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