Sunday, 27 April 2014

Linkedin - you are annoying

Linkedin has this annoying habit of sending emails if you
do anything on the site. You have to pretty much not partake
in joining groups, or discussions - else the volume of email
is intolerable. You can manage per-group and other mail settings, but
you should not have to do that. Why have a web site if everything you
do is emailed also?


I use LinkedIn - I dont add any technical contribution because I do not
treat the site as an advert for my employer.

I get a once a week email from LinkedIn telling me the blindingly
obvious (since I do frequent LinkedIn regularly).

I also have a twitter account. The blue icons of LinkedIn and Twitter
confused me today. I got an email from LinkedIn and it suggested
adding a group as a contact. BAD NEWS. DONT DO THAT.

I dont want more spam. I realised I had added the contact on LinkedIn
rather than Twitter.

The contact is valid (a Pink Floyd radio station!) but that is not what
LinkedIn is for. So I tried to remove the contact.

After a bit of googling, I did do so - but it wasnt easy.

I have since turned off all emails from LinkedIn.


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