Tuesday, 22 April 2014

If you use CRiSP - Please READ THIS!

If you are a CRiSP user, please check this out.

Release crisp 11.0.29 contains a very nasty bug. If you attempt
to uninstall this release, it will wipe out your "C:\Program Files"

The bug is not present in the prior or subsequent release - i.e.
11.0.28 and 11.0.30 are *good* releases.

You can happily reinstall a later (or earlier) release on top of the
installed release. This will fix the issue.

A feature change to use the %ProgramFiles% environment variable
during install, would have lead to crisp installing at "C:\Program Files"
and not in "C:\Program Files\CRiSP".

If you suffer from this issue, you can manually delete the following
folders which are incorrectly placed.

C:\Program Files\ORDERS.TXT
C:\Program Files\RELNOTES.TXT
C:\Program Files\COPYRITE
C:\Program Files\dict
C:\Program Files\doc
C:\Program Files\etc
C:\Program Files\help
C:\Program Files\licenses
C:\Program Files\macros
C:\Program Files\man
C:\Program Files\pixmaps
C:\Program Files\scripts
C:\Program Files\src

Before deleting any of these areas, please ensure they belong to CRiSP
(by comparing with the "C:\Program Files\CRiSP" folder).

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