Tuesday, 29 April 2014

FFS Google

I keep getting the "We've detect a problem with your cookie settings" in
my browser. Google is the only site to do this. I hope they are
doing this for good intentions.

I reported this on my blog a while ago. I put this down to the fact
that I keep two tabs open to two different gmail accounts. Fair enough.
You win. So now I run chrome+firefox to avoid this.

I just upgraded to firefox 29 - I dont know if this is at fault or not.
But restarting ff with only one login to gmail and I get the *same*

Of course, I do a google search for my problem and google helpfully
returns everyone with the same problem - telling me that having
two panels open is a problem. Nowhere can I find someone reporting
the issue with a single tab open.

It could be a cert issue. It could be a cheese on the moon. I am obviously
not going to get an answer soon.

I am getting bored of having to manually delete cookies. Or, I
can use my android phone - where I dont have the problem.

Is this progress?

I remember the day when my Pentium-233 laptop, with (cant remember now,
maybe 128M of memory) was good enough to run Linux. I sit here on a 8GB
RAM laptop, with FF at 1.6GB - I only have one tab open! Chrome at 1.4GB
with one tab open; /usr/bin/plasma-desktop with 3.7GB of VSS allocated. Wow.

And I worry that CRiSP is using 10MB of memory...

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