Friday, 20 September 2013

Is Apple insane?

My ipad just got updated to iOS7. Wow. Is it bad.

I thought the Windows 8 metro interface was designed by a child
for a blind person. The Apple interface was designed by a color
blind person for a pet rabbit.

I think thats what it is.

Using my ipad mini - all 8" of it at 1024x768. And the music
player app is the worst I have ever seen on any device. Oh look!
It shows me all of 6 lines of playlists out of my maybe 100 playlists.
Thats really useful.

I thought SunOS 4.0 and 4.1 was a poor GUI - the earliest of
color CRT displays and GUI interfaces was in black and white. It
was so difficult to find color.

What does the iOS7 interface look like? Yep. Black and white. All
the color and color hinting has gone.

Actually I am really glad they did this to iOS7. I dont care what
the specs of the next ipads are - I will have zero interest in
ever wanting them.

Next up. Video player. The iOS video player is the least functional
and confusing and functionally useless player of any player on any platform.
(If you havent used MX-Player on Android, then please do. Its interface
and usability is acutely brilliant, especially on small devices).
Whats up with the video player?

Total lack of any feedback about what the new layout and controls do.
So, the moved the long-dashed-line interface to be on its own on
the bottom left. White on gray background. WTF is it? Hm. Nope. Still
dont know what it is. (I am kidding - I will work it out eventually).
And the teensy-weensy controls in black on the bottom of the screen.

Actually the bottom of the screen is so much better than the top of the
screen. Black on gray! Yippee. So I cant even read some text that
was up there, and I am left guessing.

They swapped the movies with tv-shows around. Why? And the tv-shows
is far worse than the poor interface from before.

I mean - please add functionality - dont remove and obscure with
an interface which a rabbit would find confusing.

Do I have anything nice to say? No. There is nothing in the interface
which is attractive or desirable, and the only 2 or 3 apps I use the
device for have an appalling interface.

Android has its warts (Hello "Settings" - which suffers from the same, how few options
can we put on a high res screen approach as well).

The music player might be understandable on an iphone. The iOS6
music player was a downgrade from iOS5 (at least iOS6 would show the
cover art as default and some semblance of color but I really disliked
the iOS6 interface; iOS7 really trumped that).

I am looking at the music player again. WTF is that control in light gray
on a light background under the time? Oh! Its the position indicator. With
a 1-pixel wide position indicator. And unreadably small font. (Yes,
I can likely change it in settings. But the fonts are inconsistent - nope
the settings dont work).

Its incredible! I would, honestly, rather now switch to Windows 8.
I am really looking forward that Microsoft stand a good chance.

Now I need to go search google to find how to access the multitasking feature.

Oh! Another one! Safari. ESPN, Disney and Yahoo - three sites I would
never have a use for on the home screen. After some fiddling I found out
how to delete them. But WTF. Is color being rationed at Apple? Are
useful and aesthetic icons banned due to the economic crisis? The
Book icon is one that I am really good with a bitmap editor and
if called to draw one within 5s, whilst munching on a chocolate bar
without my glasses on. Cloud? "+". I *do* like the bookmarks - a small
font so it fits them in. But why is that on the right now, instead of
the left. Safari - as good as it always was. Which is why I prefer
Dolphin or Opera.

It really is a sad show. And the worst thing here is that
it took Apple, what, 10y to refine the interface and make it attractive,
and we may have to wait another 10y to get something new and desirable.

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