Tuesday, 27 August 2013

A Day in the Life

Sometimes, I wander what to do with myself. Everything goes extremely quiet.
Then everything gets busy again.

DTrace: is like a gentle toothache. All is quiet. Linus releases a new
kernel, and "here we go again", having to make changes or respond to
user queries - a flurry of activity in a few days then all quiet for a while.

CRiSP: goes quiet. Then people ask for things - like a version for the
Beagleboard (which is the same as the RaspberryPi build).

fcterm: all quiet for months/years. Then an ARM port of fcterm is requested.

All very strange - sometimes these support requests are a way of knowing
who has just returned to work after the term starts or holiday period ends.

All very interesting in a strange kind of way.

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1 comment:

  1. Wondered if you provide an armel v6 build of this?

    Would be nice to run on a kindle :)