Friday, 7 December 2012

Why is Engadget's new web site so awful?

I enjoy Engadget - great site with latest news. But I dont understand the
latest revamp.

Gizmodo did this a while back and it too, is awful.

The thing wrong with Engadget (viewing this on a 1920x1080 Linux/Firefox
combo), is that the fonts are huge - really huge (I'm guessing the titles
for items is about 100 pixels high). Thats a waste of space.

Then, the images for each news item are huge - I can see only one
news item (text) and image per screen display. And the images are not

Then theres all the other window dressing - bad combinations of font,
color and contrast. It looks like it was put together by either a very short
sighted person, or a 5 year old.

The mobile web site by contrast is great (when it works;
unfortunately on an Opera Mini, it keeps getting stuck at one
of the "ad" web sites, so I have to switch from Opera
to Firefox to read things on it.

On Gizmodo - the layout is equally awful - no real indication if I
am reading the news from today or the news from 5 years ago, such is the
diversity and lack of depth of the stories.

By contrast: slashdot - the style of news delivery has
never changed; the recent web optimisations and revamp are "nice" - still
not brilliant (reading threads on a mobile is an exercise in
futility, and I still dont understand why most comments are not
shown by default).

Why do IT web sites put about 100 bytes of information on a nearly
1MB web page? (Slashdot is good in signal/noise, as is

I need to find an alternate to engadget/gizmodo, as they too annoying
and waste bandwidth and CPU.

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