Tuesday, 4 December 2012

iTunes 11

And in a change to our advertised program...

What is it with iTunes 11? Did they not test it? What was wrong with the
old iTunes?

Organising TV Shows and Movies (ones you have personally recorded,
not downloaded ones)....So to keep track of what I watch, I would have
iTunes refer to the files in my video folder. And delete the files from
disk and remove from iTunes.

Well on iTunes 11, and I havent worked this out yet...you cannot delete
a Movie (which may/may-not be deleted from the hard drive). It quite
happily puts the entry back again.

Yesterday, nothing worked and I have to force kill/restart iTunes - maybe
it thought it had a dialog box to display, but I couldnt find it.

Today, theres no dialog, but it keeps putting them back.

And if I view the "Films" section - my films are not to be seen (so I
can delete them), although the TV shows episodes/playlists are.

So - did they actually *test* this?

I dont believe they did.

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