Friday, 21 October 2011

iOS5 .. some thoughts

Having used iOS5 for a week or two now, I thought I would add
my thoughts.

Wins: iPod Touch - they finally fixed the bug where switching away
from video and back, does not take 5+s to figure out whats going on.
Thanks. I appreciate that. Only taken 2years to fix.

Loss: Watching videos on the iPad is an exercise in frustration. I dont
get why Movies and TV Series are different. With Movies, I can
tell what the movie is (my ripper adds a front screen and title). But
for TV Series, all I see is an array of images for all tv series.
I cannot tell which is which. Please ! Why cant a title be added?
I have to guess which one I want and drill down to see what it really

Worse, they removed support for having playlists of TV Series sitting
in the ipod playlists section. So, there is no text to navigate what to

Why is the iPod and iPad different?

Next: iTunes. I like iTunes - its not bad. Its not good either.
The most recent release disallows selecting a selection of music
tracks and editing the displayed image. Previously I could go to,
for example, Amazon, and drag/drop the cover art into the Get-Info
popup. This doesnt work when multiple tracks are selected.

Its always a gamble with iOS and iTunes whether the next release
is retrograde or forward thinking.

Not being able to have a "guest" ipod/ipad so you can selectively copy,
e.g. home videos to a relatives device, is another bad point.

On the plus side, if Apple had gotten this right, we wouldnt talk about
them so much.

Oh, and the 64GB phone! At last. A phone with 64GB. Android cannot
compete. I wish Google and the device manufacturers could find a place
for people who want to load lots of video onto a device. Shame that
Apples phone price is so high.

Best to wait til next year to see if we get SDXC or 128GB device
support in a phone.

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