Thursday, 20 October 2011


My "new" laptop has developed a HW fault on the screen. (A band around 80pixels
high, about 1/3rd of the way down). I can still use the laptop but have to
move the visibility of what i am doing out of the zone.

Although Dell have a sophisticated web site, it is sub-par when
it comes to reporting a fault. Following the various strands on the web
disallows you from having an online chat to figure out how to actually
report the fault. A pay-phone number will be expensive, and will have
to do that tomorrow.

The "Lets download a plugin and sod-you if you are not on Windows
or are using Firefox" is very offensive. Customer care is really an
after thought.

At least Dell have a twitter feed (@DellCares) which is potentially good
but probably a time waster - in wanting details, sprawled out over
hours of waiting for replies and using terse abbreviations (which
is understandable given twitters 140 char length).

Its really very comical - that a company the size of DELL with
a sophisticated web site (which I hate and like at the same time),
have to "breathe through a straw" to communicate with customers and
not use the interactive IM mechanism they have on their site.

My banding on the screen went from 1-pixel high to about 60-80 pixels.
Oh well. Why does this happen 6 months into the laptop and not after
2-3 years (which I so desperately wanted my old one to do, so I could
justify this one!).

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