Friday, 18 March 2011

iPod Rant

Before getting on with some real work, a chance to rant on the
iPod (and iPad). Dont worry, I'll rant on google/android in another
thread, since theres so much to cover on that score :-)

We are on iOS 4.3. Since iOS 4.1 a detestful "feature" was added.
After docking/syncing, I can watch videos. Video (TV Show, Movies, etc)
handling is still bad - I have to craft my programs as TV Shows to
avoid the ipod and ipad from showing them all intermingled. The Video
app on the iPad continues to show you a frame from each program with no
clue as to the title/filename of the entry. This is painful when a
1 hour show is broken down into 12 5-minute fragments.

But, if I switch to music playing from video, and then switch back,
the video app hangs and crashes - takes about 5s, and then you
are back at the home screen.

So, next you relaunch the video app, and it takes 5+s to rescan
the files and let you go select/continue from where it left off.

It really feels like Apple have given up testing their software or
even using it, as they showhorn more wasteful features into each release.
(Adblock anyone? Why cant we adblock in Safari, and avoid the wasteful
downloads of ads when wanting to quickly flip across news feeds?) and get a thumbs down. Engadget crams more and
more pictures and video onto the home screen that on the ipad and ipod
it takes forever to load and scroll around. seem to keep playing around, such that going to the homepage
often results in a mobile view of the text (good!), but clicking on the
entries doesnt take you anywhere.

Oh, and whilst we are at it,, in their attempts to improve
things just result in a nasty experience when used on a mobile device.

Android...have I got it in for you !

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