Saturday, 14 August 2010

New blogger script

I've updated the script so that I can better
keep the crisp blog and the blogspot blogs in sync.

I like the way of creating blogs - I use a CRiSP
macro to allow me to compose and send updates via the Google CLI tools.

But the older log - - carries a lot
of google indexing status (search for "dtrace linux"). And I know some
people are looking at the crisp weblog which then doesnt get updated
so frequently - because I have had to tinker with my machines and the
way I do things.

Hopefully, going forward, I can more easily keep the sites in sync.
(Its the same data).

I just need to fix one thing, and then I can go back to Dtrace and CRiSP
to do more fruitful things.

Post created by CRiSP v10.0.2a-b5882

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