Sunday, 8 August 2010

dtrace linux progress 20100808

Been a busy week trying to fix a variety of issues - some good, some
not so good.

Recent work has looked at the stack/ustack functions to make them
reliable and working on 32/64 bit platforms. This is getting closer
to completion (I have decided to comment out the DWARF code for now
and rely on the algorithm the Linux kernel does for stacks - try and assume
a frame pointer, but if not present, do word-at-a-time sampling).

I added a definition for the uid_t typedef, so that the "uid" function
can be used (Apple/Solaris rely on the kernel providing CTF typedefs to
fill in the gaps; eventually we need to do something similar - I have
ideas on how to approach this).

Some typos on the scripts/tools fixed also.

I've introduced some regressions in the last few days - hope to restabilise
dtrace for linux in the coming days.

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