Saturday, 26 June 2010

What happened to XRaiseWindow?

Search google for "xraisewindow not working".

A reason to love KDE and many other window managers, since they are deciding
how the application should be managed and not the application. This
is pretty appalling as far as I can tell.

Heres the deal. XRaiseWindow is the fundamental X windows call to make
a window visible and float to the top. In KDE and other desktops, the
X server has been deliberately broken to forward the request to the window
manager. The window manager can then flash an entry on the task bar.

On my desktop, the colors are awful and I dont notice the flashing - but
even if I did, I clicked an entry in my application to, e.g. bring
up a search dialog, and KDE is preventing the application from working
properly. So, now I need to do more work to bypass KDE.

Thanks KDE, gotta love you for doing that.

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