Tuesday, 22 June 2010

CRiSP Windows update (build 5866)

Looks like I forgot to refresh the http://www.crisp.demon.co.uk/download.html
website with the fix for the broken \tmp\config issues which were recently
fixed. I had previously attempted to fix a nuisance issue when faced
with read-only home-directories, which is what triggered the Unix and
Windows issues.

One might ask why you would possibly have a read-only home directory?
Well, in a production environment, it can be very useful that a
home area is write only and changed only under approved circumstances.
Production jobs running from a batch system may break if people tamper
with .profile/.bashrc type information, so its useful to have
an alternative when the state info is not savable to the default location.

Eager eyes may spot the version bump to v10.0.2a. There are only
some minor changes to the macro engine to better supports hash data
structures (bug fixes to handle lists-of-hashes and hashes-of-lists); some
issues still remain in this area, but I stumbled on the bad ones when
trying to code up some new macros.

The 'draw' macro has been updated a bit - ready for the next ramp up
to add support for drawing lines between diagram elements.

Post created by CRiSP v10.0.1b-b5859

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