Friday, 20 February 2015

new dtrace .. small update

The next release of dtrace is hopefully this weekend. Having
resolved the issues I had previously, have been doing more
testing - so far only really on the 3.16 kernel, and found that
some of the syscalls were behaving badly due to reimplementation
in the kernel. Hopefully when I have fixed the last two or three,
then I can finish my merges and push out the latest release. I will
do a cursory check on some of the older kernels - it is likely I
have made a mistake somewhere and broken older kernels, but will
be easier to fix having made some internal changes.

Note that no new functionality is in here - the issues with
libdwarf remain - I may try again to solve that issue, and
"dtrace -p" is still a long way off from being functional.

Given that 3.20 is now the current kernel, I may need to see
if that works and pray that 3.17-3.20 didnt affect how dtrace works,
or, if it does, the work to make it compile should be much less
than the issues that 3.16 raised.

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