Saturday, 6 September 2014

Firefox, GMail and cookies (solved)

I reported a while back, a problem with Firefox and inability to
login to gmail. After a restart of firefox, you get a cookie error
page. I found a solution was to tediously delete all google cookies - then
I could login. However, logging into my other account would, sooner or later,
give rise to the same cookie mismatch error. It was annoying
and infuriating.

I had resorted to using my phone/tablet to handling email, but that seems
silly (except when on the road).

After repeated scouring the web for solutions or solved solutions,
nothing worked. But I bumped into a reference regarding potential
issue with plugins.

So I tried disabling all my firefox plugs, and it worked !

So I then narrowed down which is the offending culprit.

And the culprit is:

Flash Video Downloader - YouTube Full HD Download

I dont know why, but I assume these plugins act as private
proxies, to intercept web requests, and somehow, it is mishandling

So I can relax that I hope this issue is finally over.

I hope this is useful to others out there when faced with a similar

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