Wednesday, 4 June 2014


I wrote the other day that I had solved the silly "Cannot run gmail in firefox
cookie problem". Alas, I was wrong. I have to give credit to google here.
There is no way that they would allow this problem to be fixed or fixable
or provide a useful or informative message about the true problem.

I believe I know the true problem, and I am really impressed how
such a technically gifted company can do this to their users. Well done

On another correction or update note. I asked about
how many function calls vs function exits exist in any program, and
how they are not even close to the same. I mentioned that inlining
can confuse the scenario - this is true. But equally, tail-function
calls which get optimised into JMP instructions account for a potentially
large bulk of the deficit. It would be possible to unoptimise the tail
calls to get more accurate accounting, but I am not so bothered at present.
It is a problem that needs solving to create accurate and bounded
stack traces of an application.

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