Saturday, 31 May 2014

GMail cookie problem - SOLVED

After months of issues with logging into gmail from firefox, I have
finally found what was causing the problem. This problem
is prominent across the web, yet nobody has seemed to find a solution.

The problem shows itself by trying to get to gmail, and being thrown
a "Your browser has cookies turned off" dialog. Its very infuriating, since
cookies are not off, and the dialog is not informative as to the true
problem - hence taking months to resolve (for me).

A partial solution was to delete all google cookies. It seems like
the issue is related to google-chat - something I never use, but gmail
insists on putting up the gchat login underneath the mailboxes.

I decided to turn that off, and the problem goes away ! If
I restart firefox, I can get to my two tabs for my different mail
accounts, and the inbox shows fine, and I can browse/send mail.

The only strangeness is that Gmail displays a

Gmail is having authentication problems. Some features may not work. Try logging in to fix the problem.

Damned if I am going to do that. Maybe if the error message was
clear about what the issue is, then I might do the login trick.

But I am very mistrusting of the quality of gmail. Maybe, by
disabling gchat, my firefox wont bloat so much.

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  2. This problem is at least 4 years old. It is probably due to our not allowing a particular cookie to be set. Even this comment had to be written 3 times so far, because I had not allowed the right cookie. Four times.