Monday, 17 February 2014

I've fixed a number of bugs, and added more sites, and added
compression. This RSS feed reader is designed to optimise bandwidth
by avoiding the download of images, or excess javascript/html garbage
and avoid the "I wonder whats changed on *this* website...hmmm...nothing".

I added compression. Typically this is getting 2.8x compression size.
This means the first page - 200kb, comes out at a cost of ~70kb of download.
This typically contains the last few hours of 5-10 websites, and means
my data usage has/should plummet (from a peak of 50MB/day) to more like 2-3MB/day.

My goal is to consistently use no more than ~100MB/month. Keep
watching to see how the diet goes.

I may need to do something about - a useful site,
especially if you are in the UK. But the rate of new items - most of them
of no interest to me, tends to decrease the signal/noise ratio.

I havent implemented cookies yet - I might do, simply so that
the tool could annotate where you have left off from a prior page download.
However, its not clear if this is that useful - not unless you
are refreshing at a rate of less than 1h - in which case it can be

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