Thursday, 7 November 2013

Things I hate...

Web sites which popup a "Please fill in a survey" just as you are
about to look at the site. Why are developers and business owners so
short sighted?

I normally dont mind filling in the odd survey - especially as I
have actually used the site. But, as you hunt around the web, many
times you shift away immediately from a site. Grabbing you on the
entrance just makes you go away and *never* come back.

Just wanted to check news and traffic info on a site - and "Bang!"
up pops the dreaded survey. No thanks - I needed the info quickly.

I filled in a BBC iPlayer survey the other day and specifically
stated they could contact me to get "real" information, not the
worthless rubbish for a questionaire that pops up, but nobody cares.

It really is a shame.

Or the sites which popup a "Do you need help" when you havent even
had a chance to look.

Please, web designers - treat your customers with respect.

And as for the EU Cookie directive - that was as well thought out
as a wet fish trying to get a suntan.

Oh well..back to pivot tables.

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