Wednesday, 19 June 2013

twidge: an example of what?

The twitter client I use - "twidge", has the most bizarre
set of setup instructions I have ever seen, or hope to see.

Let me quote the INSTALL file:

Sorry, need more here...


ghc --make -o setup Setup.lhs
./setup configure
./setup build
./setup install

To run, you will need to have curl installed

Thats fair enough. So, what is "ghc"? I presume its the GNU Haskell
compiler. So we run this:

$ ./setup configure
setup: At least the following dependencies are missing:
ConfigFile -any,
HSH -any,
MissingH >=1.0.0,
aeson >= && <0.7,
curl -any,
hoauth >=0.3.4 && <0.4,
hslogger -any,
mtl -any,
network -any,
parsec -any,
regex-posix -any,
text >= && <0.12,
utf8-string -any

Thats very informative. What exactly is it referring to? These
are not apt-get packages (I am on Ubuntu). I cant even tell
what language twidge is written in - Haskell - I presume. I am
probably missing much of the runtime.

Even stranger - the size of the source distro is around 200kB of files -
code and documentation. Most of it is unintelligible. Compiling
the setup program creates an 8MB binary. (actually 4.9MB of code + data
and the rest is symbols).

And I still dont know what to do next.

Oh well, looks like twidge gets deinstalled...and off to search for
something which I can make sense of.

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