Saturday, 15 June 2013

CRiSP Buttons

I was looking at something the other day in CRiSP - someone reported
an issue in one of the dialogs. The screenshot they sent me suggested
the largest possible font for the widget controls. I dont know if they
have bad eyesight or not...

My eyesight is not as good as it used to be - I used to be happy
with a 6x10 or smaller font on a 1920x1200 17" laptop screen, but now
pretty much stick to 7x13bold for my fcterms.

Anyhow, I tried this setup in CRiSP, and it felt like the screen was
shouting at me. But I could see the logic in using a huge font. When
using a 5" phone, or 8" or 10" ipad, which tend to do one thing at
a time, the font sizes are such that the size of the font should be
the same, no matter which screen, as a percentage of your field of vision.
Eg at a longer distance, one needs a larger font.

(As an aside, I prefer to watch a 5 or 8 inch handheld device compared
to the 40" TV screen, because the smaller screen is *bigger* and occupies
more of my field of view. People laugh when I tell them I sit in front
of a switched off TV and use the handhelds to watch video).

Anyway, back to CRiSP, in using this huge font, I noticed some things I
didnt like. Any border (either bold border or dotted line border) was
almost invisible - the huge fonts meant that single pixel renditions
go unnoticed. So, tabbing though a dialog becomes unobvious what is selected.

I changed the default to show the current button in an orange hue
and that looks so much better. But I noticed the dotted-line around
the currently selected toggle is still "invisible". A comparison
with Firefox's popup dialogs doesnt emphasise this issue in the same
way, whilst using the normal default fonts.

So, I need to amend this for the toggle buttons.

I also noticed that for a huge (eg 32-pt font), that the graphics
to indicate a radio button selection havent scaled - they are like
teeny dots on the screen.

Amazing how life in the large font lane is so different from life in the
ant-sized lane !

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