Tuesday, 30 April 2013

DTrace/ARM syscall provider

After a small amount of hard brain thunking...this now works. First off
was separating out the x86 specific systrace code to make room for ARM.
All bar 9 syscalls work - since these have special assembler preambles
to get the calling arguments correct.

Next, tackling the clone() syscall. After a bit of brainstorming and
trial and error, I was doing everything right...but in the wrong order.
Once I realised that - clone() works. A few minutes later, execve() is

And after a tedious bit of typing, the remaining 7 are good.

So, that effectively completes the first phase of DTrace/ARM.

Next up is to fix some DWARF issues on 3.8 and above kernels and
gcc toolchains, and decide what to do next.

I'll hopefully put up a new release tonight if I can
validate I havent broken anything too much.

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