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I wanted to publicise this. It has always been possible to contact
me and get support for CRiSP via the email address.
Demon - a UK based internet provider - were literally the first in the
UK, starting around 1991. Using a 9600baud modem, one could finally
ftp to sites around the world - predating HTML and web browsers.

The price was very cheap - in fact the price hasnt moved in the
last 20 years or so.

Demon got bought up by other companies, went into the broadband business
and have always been non-competitive in terms of pricing or technology.

In 2012, they moved from a POP3 mail service to IMAP. The POP3
mechanism and the design of the domains meant I could use as many
mail addresses for any purpose I liked, and collecting email was very
simple since they all mail sat in the same inbox.

With IMAP, this is no longer true. I cant even remember what
mailnames I have used in the past, and having to try each one to poll
for new mail is pointless.

Quite a few years back, I set up and many
people use that. The nature of the IMAP service is so bad I may finally
stop paying for the Demon account - the mail will bounce and the
ftp hosting location will disappear. (I will find some alternate location
or update the links, so people can still find CRISP).

The Demon IMAP interface is pretty - on a par with hotmail, but
it is so badly thought out, and the migration to IMAP was so badly
publicised or managed, that Demon has fallen out of my good books.

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