Saturday, 9 June 2012

2560x1440 00USD

As I sit here, debugging an issue with node-locked licenses, on almost
the worlds smallest computer (Raspberry Pi), I stumbled on the
following link on slashdot:


One of the best looking machines available today is the iMac. Its an
all-in-one device, and as I write this, hopefully Apple will release
new devices at next weeks WWDC. A 27" screen with builtin computer,
or an overpriced computer with builtin screen. Less cables and sockets
to contend with.

Laptops have stagnated at the silly 1920x1080 resolution so I read
the above article, totally agreeing how the computer market as degraded
into a Pop-Idol "me-too" kind of world. Laptop screens peaked at 1920x1200
and then went south, presumably due to the cost reduction by sharing the
LED/LCD TV market.

iMacs are expensive, as are all Apple products. Sure, there is
an equivalent HP or DELL contender, with a whopping 2560x1440 screen,
but they are largely overpriced. One can buy a DELL UltraSharp U2711 or
Apple Cinema display, but at around 800 GBP, by the time you factor in
a decent computer, and mouse/keyboard, you are not far off the Apple price.

Now, on reading the slashdot article, I was staggered/amazed. On that
page are references to *tons* of 2560x1440 displays, presumably
coming out of the same Asian manufacturers as the genuine Apple/DELL
displays, but with variations (low cost connectors).

Approximately 200 GBP, or $300 USD. Thats the cost of the largest
display you can buy today (largest == large screen, very high
resolution; otherwise a 1080p 50" or 60" TV could be considered

That is shockingly cheap. And yet no one, apart from Apple/HP/DELL,
let you know these displays are available. Even the component
sellers and techno-gadget pages (Engadget, TheRegister) make any
references to these.

So, one could spec up an iMac-alike machine for close to half price
(not as ergonomically desirable as the iMac, but at least you can
select and change components cheaper and more easy).

Heres an ebay search to show you whats available:

Ebay 2560x1440 monitors

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