Monday, 20 February 2012

Doing a dis-service to your fans

I like Amazon - it has lots of nice features - I wont go into them.
Most people agree, some may disagree.

One feature I like, when I am mentally challenged, is the recommendations.
Based on browsing or purchase history, it learns what you like and suggests
related material. In general, this works really well, and occasionally
pops into view, Music or Videos or Series I may be interested in.

One thing which I find very annoying - and its not Amazons fault - is
the way the music industry takes loyal fans and treats them strangely.

I have listed with Amazon that I have and like Pink Floyd. I am totally
surprised at how many, for example, "Dark Side of the Moon" albums there
are. "Basic", "Advanced", "Intermediate Edition", "With Bells on", "Advanced
sound" (I made these up!). So, my "recommendations" consists of 5 copies
of each of their albums. I have the albums - even a few a couple of times

But I dont know what to do ! I could rate each variant as "I like/5-star",
in which case it might just dig out more versions of the same things or
other music I have, and I end up with no useful recommendations.

I could say "Not interested" to Amazon, but will that mean it thinks I
dislike "Pink Floyd" or will stop showing me the variants across all
types of music.

Oh well. The wonders of technology.

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