Thursday, 19 January 2012

Free advertising! Get CRiSP Now!

I rarely do what I need to do...push CRiSP into your face.
You are all so busy grabbing copies of dtrace, I can't spoil
your party :-)

After reading about SOPA/PIPA over the last few days and
the current fate of, I thought I would do a search
for "crisp editor crack".

Quite surprised to see how many sites are hosting the software - even
out of date versions. I'm actually quite proud that it should turn up
on every warez site I have never heard of.

I'm looking at one site, where the file size is posted as 58.6MB. Given
that my downloads (admittedly, compressed) are less than 9MB, thats
pretty impressive. I wander what they put into the download.

Its possible some of these are genuine outlets for the software (no
genuine outlet would accept payment, so I am fairly certain this is fake).

I am looking at a URL which looks really nice - nice layout, lots of relevant
decoration, and not very good details. I wont post the site link, except
to say that crisp appears in the domain name.

Its possible this is just a DNS grab and the page is almost certainly
automatically generated.

Its actually impressive the amount of effort people have put into auto
generating fake sites, and CRiSP is in their targets. Thanks! I am impressed.

In case you are interested, just google "crisp editor crack" to get
a feel. The "lifted" text similarities are interesting.

I suspect what you see out there is the union of two things: catalogs
of software - maybe from websites or old shareware type listings, along
with web site generators and automation by cheap labour to flood sites
with everything other than the thing they are purporting to sell. I would
expect all of these to be virus/trojan carrying candidates. One site I am
looking at shows a reasonable filesize, but I cant be bothered to download
and verify the version to see if its real. (The one I am looking at
actually looks really genuine, carrying my partners web logo).

So, if you want to get the best programmers editor ever invented, and
want to change your life, then buy CRiSP N*O*W*! :-)

(I'll update dtrace over the weekend...I know what the problem is, and
the solution is slightly elusive).

Ok, boredom set in ... lets google search "dtrace crack" - not so many
links to choose from. One is a very interesting link, regarding an E-Book by
Jon Haslam. (Apologies to Jon - I dont know him). Sitting on that page
is a lot of links to Playboy/Penthouse forums.

So, even dtrace gets the "Web" treatment.

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