Sunday, 4 December 2011

CRiSP 10.0.19

I am going to release CRiSP 10.0.19, which has a subtle change
to the way configs are saved. It turns out that the gridlines/outline
mode cannot be persistently turned off. When you restart CRiSP, they
are back on.

This is because this is the first time (in a long while) that
the clean-install startup defaults changed, to enable these features.

When the config is saved, the internal defaults were defeating the
user selection.

So, in $HOME/.Crisp/crisp8.ini, the "display_mode" call is replaced
with two new lines: "set_display_mode" and "set_display_shift".

Most CRiSP primitives use a variety of flags to control behavior, rather
than having a single get/set(inq) function to control behavior. This
was for back in the 4MB-was-large days. So its time to liberate some
of the functions, where it makes sense.

What this means is that if you pick up 10.0.19 and dont like it,
and go back to an older release, those config lines will cause a
problem (a startup warning, possibly) until the older defaults are resaved.

I may upgrade crisp8.ini to crisp10.ini if this presents itself as a

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