Friday, 14 October 2011

Dtrace on Ubuntu 11.10

Now I figured out the issue on Ubuntu 11.04, a few minutes later, I can
prove it appears to work on 11.10 - with the new Linux 3.0 kernel.

So, thats a relief.

(Hm. Why did I make such a basic typo above which spoilt the meaning? Why did someone have to post it to me?!)

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  1. Hi Paul!

    First of all thanks for your work on supporting DTrace with the Linux kernel.

    Could you publish your code repository somewhere like github to make your changes trackable easier and make it possible for easy third-party submissions?

  2. Hello proger - I just updated with a new blog post. I want to avoid spending time doing something half-baked and not "getting it". So, have a read and maybe I can move in this direction if I can maintain my existing SDLC.