Sunday, 12 June 2011

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Just reading Nigel Smiths Blog (, which
has a nice back-reference to this blog and dtrace.

People may find my blogs a bit confusing. I thought it worth detailing "why".

Originally I set up a series of blog posts, using my own Perl blog code,
which was in turn, based on the nanoblogger code.

The website I publish to ( is interesting in itself.
Demon was the first ISP in the UK (back in early 1990s) to offer access
to the Internet. Alas, they have never done anything useful since then,
and I pay subscriptions for a near-useless service (teeny amount of
web space, no perl or cli or anything else). Because space is so tight,
I tend to leave most things, including CRiSP and Dtrace downloads on my
internet facing machine at home. The only thing that Demon usefully
serves me is the email address, although I do try to get people to switch
to my (numerous) gmail accounts.

I was using the Dyndns service for a DNS entry but due to some sillyness
on my behalf, I lost the name entry, which put dtrace off the map
for many people. I reinstated a new address (via

I should just pay for a normal DNS entry but I havent decided what I want.

The is costly, much more costly than a decent hosted
web applicance, so I do need to do something.

At home, I have two main dev machines - and when I blog post, I try to
update both the original Demon hosted site, and also blogger. It turns
out to be easier to update blogspot first, and the Demon at a later
date when I "get around to it". ("Get around to it" means powering on
my main PC, running a script, and shutting it down again). Things
got confused because I have two dev machines and have to be careful how
I sync to and from each other.

So, thats the feeble excuse for me appearing and disappearing in
the waves.

Post created by CRiSP v10.0.11a-b6022

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