Saturday, 30 April 2011

Natty Ubuntu - n.i.c.e !

After a year of Ubuntu failing to work with suspend-to-ram (despite
upgrading kernels, debugging the powersave etc), it now works in 11.04.

Thank you!

My only report of dislike is that iwconfig broke in this release.
My prior command to set up the wifi stopped working and took a number
of rereadings of the man page to figure out what was wrong.

iwconfig eth1 key XXXXXX

Firstly, my wifi changed from wlan0 to eth1. But the key was not being
allowed no matter what I tried. I eventually did this:

iwconfig eth1 key XXXXXX '[1]'

and that fixed it. Strange. Ubuntu 11.04 is a kernel - the same
kernel I had previously (or maybe it is - am a bit confused
what it did to my /boot and /usr/src directory).

Just found they broke my googlecli install. Had to reinstall python-gdata
and the googlecl package to allow me to blog post again.

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