Friday, 22 April 2011

How does this work? (wifi)

Very strange. For *months* (in fact, over a year) my laptop has worked
fine with the wifi router...occasionally lost connections when
the microwave is on.

Tonight, my wifi broke, totally, on my laptop. Spent last few hours
slaving over the system, a driver or two and all the config in the

Today, was the day I threw out most of my old PCMCIA wifi cards. Typical.

Ok, out with the screwdrivers, take the back of the laptop off (and
learnt that my laptop can take two hard drives at the same time).

No joy. Niente. Nothing. Nada.

Same problem.

Use the Android phone to analyse the wifi around me.

Use the iwlist command to probe access routers around me. Someone must
have installed a new one.

Next....err....why does my startup script set the channel to 11,
yet iwlist is showing it on channel 6?!

Ok, so set the channel to 6. And Viola! It works.

Weird. Very weird.

If the channel was so wrong, how did it work at all?

Just dont *ever* assume I know what I am talking about.

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