Sunday, 6 March 2011

Annoying CRiSP install bugs

Unfortunately, there are a handful of annoying bugs in the CRiSP installation
on Windows.

Firstly, during the install process, the progress messages are truncated
since we violate the default 64k limit in amount of text which can
be displayed in the edit control. This is now fixed for the next release
of CRiSP.

Secondly, CRiSP will create shortcuts on the desktop, but these
can fail if you do not have admin rights (not yet fixed). These
can be ignored, but they confuse users due to the first issue - everything
appears to go silent, but in fact, CRiSP is compiling the macros and
this takes a few seconds.

Lastly, and this is really annoying - CRiSP will periodically (about
once every 30 days), check to see if a software update is available.
Since a new version was pushed out recently, people will randomly
see these updates, but some earlier release of CRiSP would crash
due to a problem in the way TCP connections are handled on Windows.
If anyone has problems with this, please manually download the
latest release from, and do an install,
and this not only cures the GPF, but will shut CRiSP up (until the
next software update is available).

Apologies for this - I know its annoying!

Post created by CRiSP v10.0.3b-b5945

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