Sunday, 6 February 2011

CRiSP session management

CRiSP restores the last session when you restart the editor. Sometimes
this is desirable, sometimes it is not. A browser, like Firefox,
either restores the last session, or, via a plugin, lets you
select which prior session to restore.

The way session management is done in a browser is very different from
that in an editor. Your "desktop session" is a more a factor of your
location (eg your PC, laptop, mobile, home, office), rather than a
factor of the project you are working on. I like my browsers at home
and office to remember the last state, and these are different from each

My editor state is a function of the task I am doing at this present moment,
with frequent flips from one thing to another. (I will often be running
10 or more crisps in different windows to manage that state).

This is a problem, because having a startup dialog ask you which session
to restore from is a distraction. CRiSP utilises the notion of state-per-working directory.
Depending which directory you launch CRiSP from, means it will restore
the state based on what you last did in that session.

Most of the time, this is exactly the right thing to do.

However, launching an editor direct from a desktop shortcut presents
a problem, because when launched in this way, the starting directory or
context is always the same. Maybe CRiSP should ask when launched from
a desktop icon.

Additionally, you can launch CRiSP from an icon in a directory listing.
What should happen here? Use the default desktop session state, or use
a state local to the folder that the file you just clicked in is located.

CRiSP provides access to prestored session states (often called
'projects' and 'rooms').


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