Saturday, 5 February 2011

CRiSP and Social Networking

I keep toying with the idea behind adding some form of social
networking support to CRiSP.

CRiSP has network connectivity support, it supports an RSS feeder,
showing news items in the contents sidebar. It can be useful, although
with the advent of more mobile connectivity and heavyweight web browsers,
it may not be as useful as it once was. Certainly, if you are
coding, or have a private feed of RSS updates, then it can be useful.

Social networking is similar - you may be having a heavy day of
coding but want to be informed of updates from twitter, or facebook,
or whatever. Being able to show the updates periodically may be

One has to be careful in supporting these types of feeds due to
the ever changing APIs and layers of complexity they add (SSL authentication
is a good thing, but the requirements to be able to use all the differing
encryption types means it is a problem ensuring all the dependencies are

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