Thursday, 13 January 2011

elfrewrite and lm technologies nano usb wifi adaptor

Had a couple of bugs to fix in elfrewrite - it didnt correctly handle
ELF binaries which had both .hash/.gnu.hash. Found this out when
running on my older Ubuntu system and it caused bad binaries to be generated.
I hadnt realised that was even going on with Ubuntu 10.04 and
earlier (should have been obvious that -hash-style=both was the default).

Also, removed a silly dependency on libelf, so that it runs on more systems.
(The elfrewrite is available as part of the crisp install; i may package
it up separately, but it serves my purpose to do that).

The LM Tech nano usb is a teeny weeny USB wifi adaptor. I have had no
end of problems with wired and wifi on my Intel Mac Mini - such a poor
and broken piece of Apple tech. Nothing worked to make either reliable -
with erratic lack of network connectivity. I am close to dumping this
horrible piece of kit, but the LM Tech nano USB wifi seems to be working.
Lets test it out for a few weeks. 150Mbps 802.11n - strong signal strength
(strange - it reports 90+% signal strength whilst the wireless router
reports 23%!). Not hugely fast (because of distance from macmini to router
and its hiding behind, rather than in front of the mac - more signal
blockage). But, for 12 GBP - its a bargain (vs the 90 GBP for an
airport express which has yet to serve the purpose i purchased it for).

Meanwhile, need to get back to some more coding updates. (Added a
CSV macro to crisp, which now allows column-based searching, e.g.
"col select 3==hello" shows all lines where column 3 contains "hello".
Need to extend it more to support AND/OR scenarios, but it meets
my use-case with room to extend.

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