Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Woes of VirtualBox

More Ubuntu 10.10 grief. Why did VirtualBox stop liking my
existing virtual hard drives? Strangely my Windows XP and Windows 7
vm disks work fine, but all my legacy Linux releases (see prior post!)
fail to boot in strange ways.

After a lot of fiddling with cpu/paging options in VirtualBox, I
found something strange. Where my VM was configured for a SATA drive,
I flipped them to make them IDE, and they seem to be back in action again.

Not sure what happened - maybe the newer VirtualBox release accidentally
flipped them to SATA. (I dont think I would have chosen SATA for legacy
kernels which have no knowledge of SATA, so maybe VirtualBox defaulted
to SATA for me - thanks, err, but no thanks).

Very strange.

At least I can finally go back to ELF hacking to see how the old RedHat AS4 /
Centos 4 handles glibc 2.12 file formats.

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